Zoom Teeth Whitening

With passing time, everyday habits like drinking tea or coffee can leave ugly marks on the teeth. It results in unattractive, discoloured and a very dull appearance.

Since 2007, billions of dollars have been spent by consumers for whitening products. In addition, studies have clearly shown that most individuals associate white and beautifully bright smile to happiness and success.

However, many people do not realize that over-the-counter whitening products are not as effective, when compared to professional whitening treatment.

Opt for Philips Zoom Whitening treatment!

It is a non-invasive and safe whitening system which will help you get eight shades whiter teeth within a short duration of 45 minutes to an hour.

How does Philips Zoom Whitening technology work?

Hydrogen peroxide is part of an exceptional and unique light-activated gel. This is applied onto the patient’s teeth. Later, the amazing Zoom Light is introduced and it interacts with the gel.

Soon, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin. This helps eliminate the stains and discoloration. All of these phenomenal benefits without affecting the natural structure of your teeth.

You can continue to maintain your white smile, by consistently following and paying close attention to the care instructions that will be provided by your practitioner. In addition, you need to regularly practice good oral hygiene habits like flossing and brushing. Frequent visits to your dentist for teeth cleaning is highly recommended too.

Moving forward it is essential that you avoid habits like smoking. Additionally, make an effort to keep away from food and beverages that are known to stain your teeth. Your dentist may also recommend you the Philips Zoom Pen for optimal maintenance.

After the treatment, certain patients will experience some form of gum and teeth sensitivity. However, its completely normal. After 1-3 days of the procedure, the sensitivity usually disappears.

Meanwhile, you can choose to resolve the issue of sensitivity with the aid of desensitizing toothpaste. If the discomfort persists, then medication for anti-inflammatory pain is recommended.

The benefits with this form of teeth whitening is hugely popular with patients of different ages. However, younger patients are advised to wait it out for a while because the enamel in their teeth has to mature completely.

Zoom whitening technology is surely on the expensive side. But it is absolutely worth considering because of its amazing benefits within a short duration of your time. This whitening system will dramatically whiten your teeth and leave with a great result.

Improve the appearance of your teeth and boost your confidence

Lygon Family Dental will be glad to assist you with Zoom Teeth Whitening. Our experienced and professional staff will work with you closely before and after the whitening procedure. You can call us at (03) 9939 0323. We offer Zoom Whitening at a very affordable price of $395 at Lygon Family Dental.

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