Lygon Family Dental offers custom-made dentures to partially or fully replace your natural teeth. Our dentures are designed to be comfortable and functional. They are very similar in appearance to your natural teeth, and can dramatically improve your smile and appearance.

Getting New Dentures

Our dentist takes great care to make sure our patients’ dentures fit properly and comfortably. They may require slight adjustment in the first week or two while the dentures seat themselves, but if soreness persists, make an appointment with us.

If you have left your dentures out due to soreness, wear them for at least 24 hours before your appointment to help us pinpoint any problem areas.

Here are some common changes patients may notice when first fitted with new dentures:

  • Appearance : Dentures made with today’s technology look so natural others will not be able to tell you are wearing them. However, if you feel your teeth are more prominent allow a few days for your facial muscles to relax. Your dentures will seat themselves and your face and mouth will have a more natural appearance.
  • Speech : You may experience some speech difficulties during the first few days. New dentures feel different from natural teeth. Dentures also affect your tongue’s movements, but usually after a short amount of time you will get used to your dentures and your speech will return to normal.
  • Sense of taste : At first, food may taste a little different. This is just your mouth adjusting to the feel and texture of your new dentures. Food will soon start to taste normal again.
  • Eating : It is likely you will experience some difficulty eating when you first receive your dentures. It is common for a lower denture to move a little due to the action of your mouth when chewing. With practice, you will learn to control the movement of lower denture.

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