Restore your smile with White Fillings

Decaying teeth cause toothache, can harm surrounding teeth and affect your bite. The neglect of treatment to decayed teeth can be highly detrimental to your overall oral and general health and where teeth have experienced cracking or damage, decay can set in with devastating effect.

While the traditional method of treating decay and providing protection for teeth has been through the use of silver amalgam fillings. At Lygon Family Dental Clinic, we understand the importance of maintaining your smile both for health and cosmetic appeal.

This is why we offer tooth coloured composite resin restorations instead of silver amalgam restorations. Silver amalgams are unsightly and contain mercury. It is a technology of yesterday that is unnecessary in the treatments of today. White fillings are more attractive, more natural and more stable.

White fillings provide a natural finish, restoring your smile to its original glory and although seemingly complex, tooth-coloured restorations are simple to complete.

Local anaesthetic can be used where necessary and the area of tooth requiring treatment is thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris or surface tartar. Once this has been completed, the surface is treated with a phosphoric-acid-based gel which allows it to obtain a more cohesive surface for the composite to attach itself to.

Once the surface area is completely prepared, the composite filling is then moulded into the desired state and cured, using an ultraviolet curing light. This might be done in several stages to achieve the desired level of filling.

The last stage in the process involves the polishing and buffing of the filling in order to achieve the desired shape, feel and cosmetic appeal of the tooth. Our expertise in Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry ensures you will always receive the best possible results. With Lygon Family Dental, you can be sure that you will have a brighter smile as our expert dentist utilizes state of the art equipment with the latest techniques and technologies. Composite restorations are completed quickly, painlessly and your comfort is our priority throughout.

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