Root Canal Treatment Failure – Causes & Symptoms

Symptoms of failed root canal systems:

No one anticipates a root canal.  And, moreover, nobody would want to repeat the root canal process due to the failure of the first process. You can either take the services of a renowned dentist or take sufficient care of your teeth post the root canal process to make your treatment a success. However, there are still a handful of people who suffer from tooth pain post the root-canal system. This calls an immediate attention of the dentist to get it sorted out.

A root canal is a treatment that is carried out to save the damaged and infected tooth. The pulp which is the damaged area of the tooth is removed, cleaned and is disinfected. The filing is done and the area is sealed. You must maintain the oral hygiene to prevent future problems. A regular visit to the dentist is advisable. Also, avoid chewing hard products that can lead to the breakage of the tooth. A cup of hot coffee or an ice-cream is a strict no-no!

Causes of a failed root canal system:

If the infection isn’t cleaned properly or if the hairline is not treated properly, there are chances of a failed root canal. You might have to repeat the process. 

Here are a few symptoms of failed root canal systems:

1. Continuous Pain:  In the event that you encounter a heavy tooth pain, it is an indication that you must repeat the root canal process. You might experience the pain for a week or so but, if the pain persists for long, you must visit the endodontist.

2. Sensitivity while chewing the food: It is advised to eat soft food for a couple of days after the root canal is done. However, if sensitivity occurs while taking hot or cold food, you must let your dentist know about it. Also, avoid too hot food or too cold food as it might damage the tooth.

3. Absence of temperature affectability. If your tooth doesn’t respond to warm or cold temperature, there is a problem.  The absence of sensitivity is dangerous than over-sensitivity.

4. Gum swelling or staining. A standout amongst the most prompt indications of a fizzled root canal is the aggravated gums, which convey that microorganisms and decay are proceeding to chafe the affected zone.

5. New contamination. Be careful with new diseases, particularly the liquid originating from the tooth. On the off chance that microbes re-enter the piece of the tooth that the oral specialist cleaned during the root canal process, it can cause problems which might require the intervention of the dentist.

6. X-ray: If you experience severe pain even after cleaning the infection, the best way to confirm of a failed root canal is to proceed with an X-ray. Let your dentist examine the X-Ray and let you know the next step.

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is time for you to book an appointment with your dentist. It is highly impossible to bear the pain for a longer time and the infection has to be cleared out.

It is wise to choose the best dental partner from the beginning. A single mistake of yours’ can take away your peace of mind. Spend some extra time and money but, do not compromise on the root canal services.

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