Rotary Endodontics

The tooth might decay or there might be an infection in your tooth pulp which needs an immediate attention. It is never a wise idea to deal with an infected tooth or bear the pain for a longer time. Your dentist will recommend you to go for a root canal treatment. The inner pulp of the teeth has nerves and blood vessels which once damaged needs a root canal treatment.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

The infected pulp is removed from the inner root canals, post which the root canals are cleaned and sealed. The manual process takes a longer time and it is a tedious process to clean the teeth. The Rotary Endodontics is an advanced method that was introduced to benefit the patients’.

What is Rotary Endodontics?

It is a process in which a powerful instrument is used to clean the root canal. An electrically powered instrument is used in this treatment rather than the traditional stainless-steel manual files. It is more accurate and efficient. It cleans the root canals thoroughly and shapes them properly.

Advantages of Rotary Endodontics

  • More Efficient: Nickel titanium is five more times flexible than stainless-steel. The traditional root canal treatment has stainless-steel which makes the process more complex. Nickel Titanium helps in cleaning the root canal in a much more smooth and consistent manner.
  • More Reliable: Rotary Endodontics being an advanced process is highly reliable in comparison to the traditional ones. The chances of complications are very less
  • Saves time: The time taken in Rotary Endodontics is less as the procedure is much faster than the stainless-steel instruments. The patients’ will be saved from the loud grinding noise that the traditional method produces.
  • Comfortable: The electrical instrument make the patients feel comfortable as the noise is hardly been noticed while the treatment is carried out.

Thus, you do not have to be worried about your root canal treatment anymore. The Rotary Endodontics will ensure that the treatment is carried out in an effective manner. For more details contact (03) 9939 0323.

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