Do You Know What Sugar Drinks Do to Your Dental Health?

Did you know that the sugary drinks you so much enjoy every day can affect your dental health badly? If you have not given it much thought yet, now is the time to do so. Understanding why sweetened beverages can be a real spoiler is important to know what you can consume and what you should avoid.

Going From Sugar to Acid in No Time

When you consume soda, energy and sports drinks, you are actually taking in a high amount of sugar as well as acid. The bacteria in your mouth have the capacity to convert this sugar into acid. The acid left behind on the teeth slowly weakens the enamel eventually leading to dissolved enamels. Dissolved enamels are just the beginning of thin and weak teeth finally resulting in teeth decay.

The Younger You Are, More is the Risk

Children may have teeth half the size of adults, but they stand to face more risk of tooth decay. The reason for this is simple. The enamel covering the teeth in a child is significantly lesser than that found in an adult. This enamel can quickly dissolve leading to tooth decay as children also have a tendency to consume lot more sweets than grown-ups.

What to do for Healthy Teeth?

Apart from making sure that you and your children are brushing teeth and flossing every day, it is important to control what you are consuming. This is the first step to healthy teeth.

It may take some effort and a whole lot of self-control but you need to simply keep certain drinks from reaching your refrigerator.

The list of avoidable drinks includes fizzy drinks, citrus-based energy drinks, artificial citrus flavoured sodas, sports drinks and just about anything that has sugar content.

And if you do happen to consume any of these sugary things, you need to make sure you brush your teeth about an hour after you have finished the drink.

brushVisit Your Dentist Regularly

Your dentist can identify tooth decay, dissolved enamels and any other dental problems using the latest technology and of course, expertise in this field.

Avoid self-medication and procrastination when it comes to dental problems, and make sure your family keeps up the dental appointments.

At Lygon Family Dental, we are your most trusted friend and guide when it comes to dental hygiene and protection. Rest assured, your teeth are in good hands when you come to us!

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