6 Expert Tips To Keep Mouth Of Your Infant & Toddler Germ-Free

Good dental hygiene is extremely important both for infants as well as toddlers. Encouraging children to practice good oral hygiene habits in their early stages of life will help them in developing healthy teeth. Parents should be extra cautious about dental hygiene even before the baby teeth erupt. Even though baby teeth are not permanent and will be around only for a short period of time, dental health is very important for your infant’s gums and future permanent teeth. Here are few essential dental care tips for infants and toddlers:

1. Keep Your Infant’s Gums Clean

Even before teeth arrive, make sure to clean your infant’s mouth with a soft wet washcloth. An ideal way to initiate a regular oral routine for your infant would be by gently wiping the gums twice a day. This will keep your infant’s gums clean, healthy and bacteria-free. Many parents do not pay enough attention to infant teeth assuming that it isn’t required (as they eventually get replaced with permanent ones). However, these first teeth need to be taken care of and can impact the spacing of the child’s permanent teeth in future.Keep A Watch On Cavities

2. Keep A Watch On Cavities

Minor pitting and discoloration are the initial signs of cavities in baby teeth. Never consider putting your baby to bed with a bottle of milk as they can lead to cavities. Especially, if you notice that your infant is using the bottle only for comfort purposes, it is best to avoid leaving your infant with a bottle.

3. Choose The Right Toothbrush

As soon as the initial teeth of your baby start erupting, you should begin brushing them regularly. Make sure you opt for a toothbrush that is specifically made for babies. These kinds of brushes have very soft bristles just to ensure there is no damage caused to their sensitive gums. They have smaller heads for smaller mouths. Parents must pay utmost care and attention to the kind of toothpaste they choose. Initially, for infants you can use only a “smear” and gradually as they grow older you can use a pea sized amount of toothpaste.

4. Make Dental Care A Fun Thing For Your Toddler

Toddlers must brush their teeth at least twice a day! For kids aged between two and five, a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste is appropriate if they are capable of brushing without swallowing. Choose a mild, kid-friendly flavored toothpaste so that toddlers are driven towards brushing their teeth regularly. Parents can try and extend the brushing time of toddlers by singing songs or by playing a game.

5. Follow A Healthy Diet For Your Toddler

Toddlers consume a greater variety of food in comparison to infants. Parents should include healthy food options like fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc and reduce sugary sweets so cavities can be prevented. More than fruits juices, toddlers must be encouraged to drink water.

6. Meet Your Dentist Regularly

Parents should consider seeing a dentist as soon as their infant’s teeth start appearing. By doing this, potential dental problems can be addressed on time before they turn out to become bigger problems in future.

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